Welcome to BobGrantKC™

I decided to create this website to list “all websites” of which I created and am directly associated. I enjoy the WordPress format and the flexibility – not to mention the creativity – which this platform offers me.  The activities/website listings – on this website – depict the enterprises of which I am currently involved: 

  • Sell China Markets™ – is set up to assist all small and medium sized companies who are interested in selling/marketing their products within the country of China. 
  • Aluminum Profiles & Fabrications™ – is an Independent Rep Agency for a quality aluminum extruder in Israel named Profal – with 60 years of experience in the aluminum extrusion business.  AP&F is responsible for the US & Canadian Sales and Marketing of aluminum extrusions & fabrications that are produced by Profal using totally GREEN technology.
  • Aluminum & Plastics™ – is responsible for the US & Canadian Sales and Marketing of aluminum extrusions & fabrications that are produced in Vietnam & all types of plastic products, plus aluminum die castings/fabrications, which are produced in China. 
  • The Grant Journal™ – is open to “All Writers” who would like to post articles – or discuss their contents – regarding any and all topics and subject material in the spirit of “Free Speech.”
  • Rhymes by Bob ™ – I like to create Rhymes.  I see Rhymes in music, advertising, slogans, and poetry among a few.  I think it is a unique way to put thoughts into written form – sort of like putting together a puzzle – at least this is how it seems to me when I put one together.  I wanted to create a site where I could accumulate most of the Rhymes that I have written over the last ten years or so.

I hope you will look over this website and the five additional websites listed down the left side of this Home Page.  I welcome your visits.  If you have any questions, or comments, regarding “anything” displayed on the site – I hope you will Contact Me

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