Aluminum Containers & Foil™

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Aluminum Containers & Foil™ is responsible for the US Sales & Marketing of products produced by a Premier Chinese Manufacturer of numerous Aluminum Foil Food Packaging items.  This company occupies over 330,000 square feet of facility with in excess of 200 personnel. Their forte is crafting “In House” Custom Molds to customer’s specific requests; however, they do have over 100 existing molds in their inventory along with 10 advanced punching machines. Their price savings, and quality, is only enhanced by the fact of their parent company supplies them with the raw material to produce the foil and containers.

The factory’s production equipment includes: two 2800 mm Rolling Mills (SMS SIEMAG), one 2050 mm Rolling Mill (FATA), two Roll Grinders (Herkules) and three 2150 mm Foil Rolling Mills (Achenbach Buschhutten), three Splitting Machines (KAMPF).

The markets their products can support include:

     * Food Service Industry
     * Retail Packaging
     * Food Processors
(The factory is well equipped to Private Label per Customer Requirements)

The factory is able to quote “delivered pricing” to anywhere in the United States to include freight, insurance, duty, and all customs fees.


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