Blood Clotting Disorders™

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I decided to launch this site, in November 2017, in hopes that it will provide information – stimulate discussion – and generally be a place where anyone can learn about, and participate in, a website dedicated to both the Genetic (Inherited) & Non-Genetic (Acquired) causes of abnormal blood clotting(Thrombophilia) .

I initially created a site for just Factor V Leiden but was told that was probably too narrow of a subject.  I then created another site for Genetic Clotting Disorders – but, again, I was advised to create a site for “all causes” of abnormal blood clotting.  This is how the idea for Blood Clotting Disorders™ was born.

I am reaching out to the medical community, affected patients, interested parties, and basically anyone who has a desire to learn more about Blood Clotting Disorders™.  I am looking for expert contributors, personal stories, website sharing – basically, an additional place where interactions can take place regarding Blood Clotting Disorders™.

I do not edit or censor what is written. The Contributors are encouraged to write about any topic or subject that is of interest to them.

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